Motif TexStyle is a manufacturer and exporters of all knitted Garments are committed to creating a pollution-free, nature-friendly, and legally compliant working environment in Motif TexStyle, and strive to make it better via continual improvement and pollution prevention. Motif TexStyle is complying with all regulatory requirements imposed by the Pakistan Environmental Law (NEQS).

To implement Environmental Policy, Motif TexStyle will:

1) Comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations.
2) Setting objectives and targets for continual improvement in environmental conditions.
3) Ensure provision of a safe working environment and to save all employees from illness and accidents.
4) Provide appropriate Environment training/information to all employees.
5) Require every employee to exercise personal responsibility in preventing harm to themselves, others, and the Environment.
6) Promote awareness and give due to recognition to performance in the area of Health, Safety, and Environment.