Motif people are experienced and forward thinking professionals working in a diverse cultural environment. We believe that an environment where all employees contribute ideas and take responsibility for continually improving our service is the key to fulfilling our customer needs.
By continuing to learn and evolve, both as individuals and as an organization, Motif has grown to be a successful business.
Our Marketing professionals are the ones who build strong, long-term relationships with clients. They know how to assess business problems, develop outstanding products and implement Qualitative Management Systems in such a way that they become business solutions. They breathe life into the company’s business philosophy by applying it every day in what they do.
Our Marketing & Technical staff is diverse in their backgrounds and distinctive in their accomplishments. We are proud that they are acknowledged to form an exceptional talent pool, and that our firm enjoys broad appeal as a place for talented people to grow.
We seek individuals with outstanding character, a sharp analytical mind, and the ability to work effectively with people at all levels in an organization.
Each person is carefully vetted to ensure that competence is demonstrable and proven. We then look for specific skills that will complement the rest of the Motif team and add to our clients’ business in any number of different areas.
We are committed to perpetual quest for perfection. Our collection ranges from trendy casual wear to classic and contemporary styles in yarn dyed as well as solid colour fabrics. Our major exports are in Yarn dyed articles, denim & woven.
We are trusted to consistently deliver high-quality products, while our production flexibility is such that we can meet the needs of boutique designers as well as large-scaled retail brands.